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01 DEC 2009 - The day the Obama administration officially failed

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More songs/commentary added:

14 DEC 2006

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11 DEC 2006

"Augusto Pinochet takes the bullet train to Hell." Read Another Dead Dictator by Timmy Ramone.

04 DEC 2005

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07 SEP 2005

Added Commando Radio to the Links section.

02 NOV 2004

Rock Against Bush vol. 2 added

01 NOV 2004

Rock Against Bush vol. 1 added -- better late than never!


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11 SEP 04

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20 JUL 04

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4 JUL 04

HAPPY IMPERIALISM INDEPENDENCE DAY! Songs from Peace Not War (Vol. 1) added:

22 JUN 04

New songs added (special thanks to "mpoole"):

5 JUN 04

It is with heavy heart that I relay the news that former President and chimpanzee co-star, Ronald Reagan, has gone to that great rodeo in the sky. If you choose commemorate the death of this towering political figure, just remember -- mourn in moderation! :)

WNMR honors Reagan's passing with a special playlist. Included are "Tramp the Dirt Down" by Elvis Costello, "The Day that Thatcher Dies" by Hefner (your turn will come one day, too, Margaret) and "Masters of War" by Bob Dylan (which I think sums up Ronnie's administration quite nicely). May you roast in Hell, you S.O.B. **UPDATE** The list will continue to play through Friday, when they finally put Bonzo in the ground.

20 APR 04

Software upgrades completed, new songs and commentary added:

27 JAN 04

Server problems kept us off the air over the weekend. But we're up and running again!

16 NOV 03

Still on the air -- new songs and commentary added!

16 JUN 03

We're back! But we may experience brief outages as I experiment with different configurations.

11 JUN 03

The station will be off-the-air for a few days while I perform necessary system upgrades. We'll be back hopefully no later than Monday, June 16th.

29 MAY 03

Iraqi WMD Claims Spun? -- No, really? An interesting collection of links to articles detailing the lies told to us by the U.S. and British governments about Iraq's alleged weapons stockpiles.

18 APR 03

Added the following songs:

5 APR 03

Added the following songs:

30 MAR 03

Added commentary, "A Surprising Source - The Russians!" by Timmy Ramone, and the following songs:

25 MAR 03

The war is on, and I'm trying to keep up! More songs, soon. In the meantime, check out the other links for the latest news.

15 MAR 03

Added the following songs:

12 MAR 03

Added the following songs: